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Staff Picks: Resources Our Program Team Recommends

Thursday 9 April, 2020

During the last several weeks, our community has adjusted to a changing environment. The Saint Louise House program team has been working hard to make adjustments that support families’ needs, including shifting from face-to-face case management meetings to phone calls, and providing at-the-door contactless delivery of food, supplies and activities. Along the way, they have also been researching and recommending an expansive range of resources – online and off – to help families move through this time with information, access, and a positive attitude. Resources include reviews of local advisories; access to essential services; support with employment, childcare, and school; self-care or family-focused resources; and more.

We asked our program team members to each share a favorite resource that they thought our wider Saint Louise House community would appreciate – and the results are in! Read on to see what they shared. We hope you find something that helps you, too!

Allison S.
Program Director
Recommended Resource: Thinkery at Home

“Just because the Thinkery is closed doesn’t mean our children can’t continue learning and exploring at home!  Thinkery at Home is sharing videos of story times, simple crafts with supply lists, and experiments.  From DIY musical instruments to reading Germs Are Not For Sharing, there are lots of ideas to keep kids engaged at home!”

Brooke C.
Program Manager
Recommended Resource: Cosmic Kids Yoga

“I love Cosmic Kids Yoga because it makes yoga fun for kids by telling stories (Moana, Trolls, etc.) that relate to each pose. Kids follow along while also getting a good story. It also holds their attention for a solid amount of time to be able to get things done around the house!”

Cristal M.
Family Engagement Specialist
Recommended Resource: Tips for Supporting Teenagers and Young Adults from the Child Mind Institute

“This article was so applicable to our families and helpful for moms to know they are not the only ones who may be having trouble reaching their teens/young adults with the accurate information surrounding Coronavirus. I like how the article specifically discusses validating feelings and emphasizing social distancing from their friends which can be very challenging – framing this information in the right way can change the way they look at the virus and help them play their part by practicing social distancing and healthy habits.”

Frances I.
Resiliency & Empowerment Partner
Recommended Resource: People’s Community Clinic

“People’s is more than just a clinic! They do provide affordable healthcare for medically underserved and uninsured people in central Texas ranging from pediatrics, adolescents, adults. Prenatal and family planning. They know health is more than just physical, health is also understanding your mental health. They provide integrated behavioral health services by having in-house therapist and psychiatrist in their clinics. They provide many other holistic services as well such as health education, nutrition services, new teen parents family support, and legal services with their Austin Legal-Medical Partnership. People’s is that treats a person as a whole!”

Jenna W.
Family Services Specialist
Recommended Resource: Storyline Online

“The SAG-AFTRA Foundation has created Storyline Online to promote literacy in early childhood by recording actors and actresses reading their favorite books aloud! I love this resource because it is free, available to all families who have access to internet, and includes educational lessons tailored to each story. Research clearly demonstrates the importance of reading aloud to children because it boosts cognitive development, improves concentration, inspires imaginative thinking, and instills a life-long love of reading.”

Kathryn A.
Program Services Coordinator
Recommended Resource: Vida Clinic

“Did you know that there are licensed therapists in many Austin ISD schools?! Vida Clinic provides mental health services at school which makes it very convenient! No picking up kids and taking them to appointments! Right now can be a great time to start with a therapist… kids are cooped up and don’t have the same access to resources at school. Vida Clinic is conducting virtual sessions! It’s easy to sign up and FREE!”

Katie P.
Resiliency & Empowerment Partner
Recommended Resource: The Spanish Experiment

“The Spanish Experiment is a fabulous resource that provides fairy tales told in Spanish, free introductory Spanish lessons, and reviews of some Spanish home-study products. I really enjoy hearing the fairy tales read aloud in Spanish, they’re great quality and easy to follow for Spanish language speakers and learners! You can read along as the story is told and each section has a “Translate?” button to aid in comprehension. Plus the illustrations are amazing!”

Liz G.
Resiliency & Empowerment Partner
Recommended Resource: Headspace

“One resource I have really enjoyed is Headspace. This is a guided meditation resource so it takes out the guest work of how to meditate and instead has an expert teach you through your choice of 3, 5, or 10 minute meditation. Not only do they have a free two week subscription but in addition, due to the current situation they have created an entire series called ‘Weathering the Storm.’”

Sara S.
Resiliency & Empowerment Partner
Recommended Resource: Montessori Parent Coronavirus Survival Guide

“As a Montessori mom, I found this book very helpful! It provides guidance and tools`on how to support your child during this time of uncertainty and isolation… a great book for any parent!”

Sarai M.
Resiliency & Empowerment Partner
Recommended Resource: FitOn app 

“The FitOn app has been helpful in trying to stay healthy both physically and mentally during these difficult times.  One thing I really like about it is the advice section that provides tips on how to take care of yourself whether it is through positive affirmations, meditation, or just getting better sleep. On the app you can also find healthy recipes and a variety of workouts. My favorite part is that every time you open the app it greets you with a motivational quote”

Nora R.
Program Support Specialist
Recommended Resource: Central Texas Food Bank

“The Central Texas Food Bank believes access to food should not depend on your budget. They are offering free pre-packaged food boxes throughout the month of April at their distribution sites. Neighbors can find nourishing food at the distribution sites listed or visit the website for additional resources.”