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Supporter Spotlight: Tanner Lawlis

Monday 8 June, 2020

Newly-minted UT graduate Tanner Lawlis began volunteering at Saint Louise House through his business fraternity, Phi Chi Theta. He made math fun for a student at Saint Louise House and our staff also enjoyed listening to their chats during tutoring sessions. We are thankful for all of our Longhorn volunteers and those who act as great role models for children living at Saint Louise House. To Tanner and all of the other graduating Longhorns, congratulations!

Read about Tanner’s volunteer experience below:

How did you become involved with Saint Louise House? 

“My business fraternity, Phi Chi Theta, volunteers regularly with Saint Louise House. Our philanthropy officer asked our chapter if anyone was interested in tutoring one of the kids who lived there, and I signed up!”

What message would you give to others about becoming Saint Louise House supporters?

“As a past volunteer of other nonprofits, I can assure you that time or money spent at Saint Louise House will not be wasted. Your contributions will be appreciated, and you will see a direct impact.”

In one sentence, what stands out to you about Saint Louise House?

“The unwavering commitment of the Saint Louise House staff to provide women with a safe place to live and raise their children while simultaneously guiding them in the right direction.”

How has volunteering at Saint Louise House impacted you? 

“Saint Louise House showed me that donating time is just as important as donating money to those who need it. My friend Sloan, another Saint Louise House tutor, and I saw the student become more passionate about mathematics and getting good grades.”

What is your favorite Saint Louise House memory?

A member of the Saint Louise House staff told me that the student I tutored always asked about me: ‘Is Tanner coming to tutor me this week?!’ It made my day to hear that I made an impact on him!”