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Our Approach: The Self-Sufficiency Outcomes Matrix

At Saint Louise House, every family’s journey is different. The Self-Sufficiency Outcomes Matrix is an evidence-based assessment and outcomes measurement tool that documents progress toward self-sufficiency across twenty domains. This tool helps provide a holistic view of the many different circumstances that contribute to each family’s situation. It also helps us measure impact as families move toward stability and economic security.

We meet every family where they are and work with them to develop an individualized plan that meets the family’s needs and builds on their individual strengths. As the experts in their own lives, mothers take the lead in setting goals for themselves and their families.

Check out this introductory video to learn more about the Self-Sufficiency Outcomes Matrix.

Take a closer look, and perhaps see how you score, here.

Join us in supporting mothers and their children moving towards healthy, independent lives.