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Keep Your Community Engaged Remotely: Back to School Program

We may not know exactly what “going back to school” will look like this year, but we can ensure that every student living at Saint Louise House has what they need to be successful. You can help us by sponsoring and shopping for the back to school supplies needed for a child living at Saint Louise House or by collecting $25 gift cards to Old Navy for back to school clothes for students.

1.  Sponsor a Student’s Back to School Needs

Saint Louise House believes that every child should go back to school with exactly what they need to start the year with confidence. When you sponsor a student’s back to school needs, you commit to shopping for the child’s unique school supply list and a backpack for everything to go in. Each sponsorship is typically a $75 -$100 commitment.

2. Host an Old Navy Gift Card Drive

Each year Saint Louise House partners with organizations in the community to provide new clothes for children going back to school. Due to the unprecedented time that we are navigating, Saint Louise House is anticipating a heightened need for funding to ensure students start the school year with confidence, and in fresh clothes that fit.

You can help by providing $25 gift cards to Old Navy.

3. Provide HEB and Walmart Gift Cards

Sometimes after the first day of school, children come home with additional supplies requested. Saint Louise House is committed to assisting families with these little surprises by including a $15 gift card to HEB or Walmart to ensure that nothing is forgotten.

How do I get started?

  1. Fill out an interest form so that we can connect with you.
  2. Taylor will reach out with any additional information including drop off logistics
  3. Back to School donations must be delivered by August 3rd.

See our resource Tips for Coordinating Group Opportunities Remotely.

Questions? Contact Taylor Arrington,, for more information.