Back to School at Saint Louise House

Saint Louise House is busy preparing for back to school for both our moms and kids!

We are currently underway in our annual Saint Louise House School Supply Drive. Every year, we strive to provide every child at Saint Louise House an age appropriate backpack and essential school supplies for the upcoming school year. This year Saint Louise House has 68 children in school.  In order to make this dream a reality, we are grateful for all the partners who help provide these items so these students can start the school year prepared to learn.

The excitement of the new school year is upon us and for children and families experiencing homelessness, it can be a difficult time: feeling tired, hungry or stressed; trying to focus, succeed academically and socially, yet not knowing where you’ll be sleeping next week.

Nationally, children experiencing homelessness are twice as likely to repeat a grade, be expelled or suspended, or drop out all together.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

Last year, 100% of children living at Saint Louise House enrolled and completed their grade level while their mothers were taking steps to be self-sufficient, too.

In addition to our children, many of our Saint Louise House moms are enrolled in school, completing and furthering their education to build a better life for their families.

You can be part of ensuring this is one of many victories made possible through Saint Louise House. Your gift ensures that more Saint Louise House mothers and children can excel in school, find confidence and success in their abilities.

  • $25 covers school supplies for one SLH mom who is enrolled in school
  • $50 covers uniform expenses for one SLH child
  • $100 covers an activity fee (for field trips) for one SLH child