Volunteer Meet and Greet: Seton Rehab Team

Seton Rehab began volunteering with Saint Louise House in 2012 during Seton’s March Madness campaign. The group learned of the organization through the Daughters of Charity and began their efforts hosting donation drives for the annual Easter event as well as collecting school supplies for the children living at Saint Louise House. The group eventually expanded their efforts and in addition to their support through drives, they also serve as a monthly landscaping crew to help us keep our grounds manicured. When asked what keeps them coming back they said, “We love the mission of Saint Louise House and that it provides real, long-term support to its families.”

Read more from our volunteer Q&A with the Seton Rehab. team below!

How long have you been volunteering for Saint Louise House? What year did you start volunteering?

Seton Rehab Services started working with Saint Louise House back in 2012. Seton has a March Mission Madness event where all departments are encouraged to support the Seton Mission by getting involved in some sort of community or volunteer work. As a network department, Seton Rehab Services chose to help with an Easter basket drive to support Saint Louise House. This involved collecting all the ‘goodies’- Easter baskets, grass, marshmallow chicks, chocolate bunnies and other delights- so that the Saint Louise House Mothers could make baskets with their children.

How did you learn about Saint Louise House and what prompted you to get involved?

We heard about Saint Louise House from a Seton intranet article and from several of the Daughters of Charity Sisters were actively involved at all levels of Saint Louise House. Karen Ranus was kind enough to come to Seton and hold an orientation for some of our interested associates. The mission, dedication and success of Saint Louise House was incredibly inspiring to all of us.

In what ways are you involved as a volunteer with Saint Louise House?

Seton Rehab Services has worked on both the Easter Basket drive and the School Supply drive for Saint Louise House for the past 3 years. We also had a team that came out to do yard work and special projects at one of the Saint Louise House sites on a regular basis. Our team loved cutting grass, trimming hedges, edging, and other clean-up activities.

What keeps you coming back to volunteer?

We love the mission of Saint Louise House and that it provides real, long-term support to its families. It is not a program that looks for quick, band aid fixes but does the hard work to support the Mother’s as they work change their lives.

What do you enjoy most about your volunteer experience?

We always feel supported by the Saint Louise team who are always grateful for our efforts. We have also had many opportunities to engage with Mothers and children who are always kind and appreciative.

What have you learned or how have you been personally affected from your experience with Saint Louise House?

Saint Louise House has helped us understand that our efforts are just not supporting an event or cleaning up the property but that the SLH mothers and children see us as important role models in being able to give back to our community.

Do you have any advice for individuals considering volunteering with Saint Louise House?

GO FOR IT! It is truly experiences that will give back even more than your contribution. We have always felt valued by the SLH staff and residents.