2013 Report Card: Top 10 Achievements in Education

This year, mothers at Saint Louise House have made significant strides to improve their lives and the lives of their children. Daily, Saint Louise House families take critical steps along the pathway out of poverty. With stable housing and comprehensive supportive services, mothers and children are able to focus on their education, careers, health, and, ultimately, the goal of achieving self-sufficiency.

As 2013 draws to a close, we are pleased to share just a few of this year’s successes:

  1. In 2013, we opened the doors to three additional apartments, expanding our program from serving 31 families to serving 34 at a time.
  2. 95% of families have remained safely housed at Saint Louise House or have exited to stable housing.
  3. Our 77 children are attending 23 different schools, including private and charter schools, as each mother advocated for the best option for her children.
  4. Two Saint Louise House children graduated from high school.
  5. One Saint Louise House teenager was awarded a college scholarship and is now living on campus, completing his first semester.
  6. One Saint Louise House child received an award for perfect attendance in school.
  7. One Saint Louise House child was accepted to the gifted and talented program at her school.
  8. A Saint Louise House child beat a chess grand master at chess.
  9. Seven Saint Louise House mothers are currently enrolled in education programs.
  10. One Saint Louise House mother completed an Administrative Assistant Program, got a full-time job with benefits, and has been steadily increasing her responsibilities and her salary.

As we look forward to another year, we invite you to continue to partner with us to serve and empower homeless mothers and children. Whether you are giving of your time, talent, or treasures, your gift will have a major impact on those who dearly need it. Please consider giving to Saint Louise House this holiday season.