Women Who Empower Me: “Especially When It’s Heavy”

In celebration of our upcoming Mother & Me Tea on Saturday, May 4, (CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS) we invited a few volunteers and supporters to share some thoughts on the women who have empowered them.  Here is the first of several from long-time volunteer, supporter and donor, Katy Bohuslav:

Katy and her mom, Marian Wilks Rye

“My suitcase was HEAVY.  It was packed for a weekend at college orientation, but with enough clothing and supplies to last a semester.  I arrived on campus hoping to stand out  but desperately wanting to blend in.  Together my mother and I unloaded the car trunk containing my pillow, my purse and that suitcase.  We eyed the stairs leading to the door of the dorm and she offered to help me lift.  Selfishly thinking the eyes of many co-eds were on ME, I begged her through gritted teeth, “PLEASE don’t act like it’s heavy.”  Today that memory is about more than a heavy suitcase.  It’s about a mother who didn’t as much tell me what to do, as show me.  Who didn’t just expect but led.  And who still reminds me she’s willing to help me lift, ESPECIALLY when it’s heavy.”