A Single Leaf in a Forest of Trees

One of our program participants attends Austin Community College and has been using the writing skills she’s developed.  She shared the following reflection with her case manager recently as she pondered how it is that artists, musicians and writers are able to powerfully inspire and touch people:

How do I brainstorm words that’ll move people?  To make them think? How do they do it?  All I keep thinking about is how many “I don’t think so’s” I’m ready to hand out for anyone who doubted or denied me.  While I use my pen as my vehicle, I’m hoping to get far.  The daily tasks that I should be taking care of are the least of my worries.  All that I want to do is write myself away from this life, rewrite myself a new one, a better one.  The one thing that I’m good at is imagining so much more for me, for my family.  My thoughts just aren’t enough.  I fantasize that the paper I use to write down my words will be the paper that buys my freedom, my happiness, my house and vacations.  I’ll have time to explore and what a better place that I will have created in my head.  I can share my experiences and hope will be contagious.  If I can do it, so can the masses.  I can’t provide for the masses, but I can inspire the masses.  I know I’m not alone; the question is how can I be heard? How do I stand out? I am a single leaf in a forest of trees.