Imagine What You Can Do

November  2012

Imagine.  You are a young woman who is smart and determined. You have three little boys you love, and you are teaching them to value education as much as you do.  You have big dreams about making a difference in the world.

But for most of your life, you have lived in poverty and homelessness. Growing up in the foster care system meant you had no support system, no one to encourage you or challenge you. You had your first son at 15 and dropped out of school soon after. Six years go by, two more kids, and you realize your children are now living in the same cycle of poverty and homelessness you did.

You desperately want to break the cycle but don’t know where to start.  Where can you get a second chance? How will you get back to school to work on your education? Where do you find support for keeping your family together and developing the skills you need to be self-sufficient?

“I wouldn’t be in college if I wasn’t at Saint Louise House. Being here has given me the time to slow down, set goals and achieve them.”

Meet Shawn*. Shawn’s journey at Saint Louise House began in 2011. Just as she was facing eviction, unsure of where to go next, she received a call from a Saint Louise House case manager offering her a place in the program. She opened the doors to Saint Louise House to find safe, supportive housing and the opportunity to transform her life and the life of her children. Like the women who have come before her, Shawn is on the path to overcoming homelessness and poverty.

Imagine where Shawn and her children would be without you. Thanks to the generous support of the community, Shawn is on the path to education, “The more education you have, the more successful you will be. I want to be successful, not just for myself but for my kids.”

With the help of a supportive and skilled case management team, Shawn has completed several college classes. After an exhaustive year long search, she recently found a job with flexible hours to accommodate her class schedule. “I wouldn’t be in college if I wasn’t at Saint Louise House. Being here has given me the time to slow down, set goals and achieve them.”

You can support Shawn’s journey by investing in Saint Louise House today. Click here to give online. Your contribution will provide safe, secure housing and the supportive services that Saint Louise House families need to achieve self-sufficiency and long-term stability. By investing in Saint Louise House, you help Shawn and others like her see that their determination, hard work and perseverance can lead to a brighter, hope-filled future.


Sharon Bieser
Executive Director

P.S. Thank you again for your support! Our expansion is dependent on your generosity. Your investment in Saint Louise House ensures more families have the stability they need as they work toward self-sufficiency. Click here to donate online or you can mail your tax deductible gift to Saint Louise House at 2026 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas 78705.